File Museum in Arnay-le-Duc

The Proutat-Michot-Thomeret file factory (or Proutat file factory) had a huge impact on the lives of the people of Arnétois between 1845 and 1958.

The Association ‘Mémoires de la Lime’ invites you to immerse yourself in this period and discover the work of the file cutters of Arnay-le-Duc: explanatory panels, film projections, photos, objects, machines… You will discover this company and the know-how of the people who worked there (up to 500).


Practical information

Musée de la Lime
15, rue St Jacques

Contact: Raymond Thierry, +336 61 25 94 51
Website : File Museum (in french)

Office de tourisme
du Pays Arnay-Liernais

6, place Bonaventure-des-Périers
21230 Arnay-le-Duc
Tél. 03 80 90 07 55
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